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Did you know the National Flower of Hungary is the Tulip?


Introducing my Handmade Crepe Paper Copper Tulips, a beautiful and unique addition to my collection of artificial flowers. Each flower is hand cut from specialist Copper Coloured metalic crepe paper - with the stem and leaf in green and the centre in yellow and dark plum.


These stunning copper tulips are the perfect way to honour the memory of our beloved Rainbow Bridge Vizslak. Each tulip comes complete with a "plant label" that includes the dog's details, and I have made a frilled tulip for the Wirehaired Vizsla and a smooth tulip for the Hungarian Vizsla. (Or either/or!)


These intricate, botanically lifelike tulips are a lovely and meaningful way to pay tribute to our beloved dogs.

Handmade Crepe Paper Copper Tulips

PriceFrom £17.50

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