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Introducing my beautiful handmade Crepe Paper Cymbidium Orchids with Fans, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any space.


These stunning artificial flowers are meticulously crafted from specialist Crepe Paper, ensuring a realistic and lifelike appearance.


Each set comprises 2 flowers, one in pink with 5 flowers and 3 buds, and one in white with 3 flowers, along with delicate foliage and 3 fans (2 purple, 1 pink) that can be opened or closed up to suit your preference.


The eco pot, made with 40% wood by Lamela, provides a sustainable and stylish base for these gorgeous blooms. With the fans opened, the size of the arrangement is approximately 60cm x 45cm x 15cm, making it a striking and eye-catching addition to any decor.

Crepe Paper Cymbidium Orchids with Fans


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