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Crepe Paper Flowers

I am delighted to include Handmade Crepe Paper Flowers to my products!

As each flower is individually made, the lead time is at least 5 working days!


Please contact me to discuss your requirements in regard to colour or variety.

Crepe Paper Flowers by Chantal

Stunning handmade crepe paper flowers - made from speciality crepe paper.

Each part of the flowers are carefully cut by hand, shaped and enhanced with a variety of colouring techniques then assembled to produce simply the most stunning flowers. So if you have a shady corner in your home, or need a stunning gift for someone who may not be able to have real flowers - my crepe paper flowers are the perfect solution. To arrange your stems, either pop some rice in a narrow lipped opaque vase and place your flower stems, or you could fill a pot with floral foam and cover with moss before inserting the stems. The stems are made from covered wire, so the height may be adjusted with wire cutters. Maintaining your beautiful flowers couldn't be more simple, just blow away any dust residue with a hand held hair dryer set on low/cool. If your flowers are made from coloured crepe, please avoid placing them in direct sunlight as it will fade the colours over quite a short period of time. My Crepe Paper flowers make an ideal alternative to real flowers if, perhaps, the recipient is in hospital, a nursing home, suffers from hayfever or just doesn't like cut flowers in the home. Many people are also becoming more aware of the environmental impact of imported cut flowers; the water, fertilisers, resources and energy used to grow and transport cut flowers costs us more than we, at first, think!

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