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Introducing my stunning Crepe Paper Hydrangea, a beautiful addition to any home or event décor.

This hydrangea is meticulously handmade from hand painted specialist crepe paper, ensuring a lifelike and realistic appearance. The flower comprises 36 delicate florets, 2 large leaves and 2 small leaves, all expertly crafted to mimic the natural beauty of a hydrangea. The stem has also been hand painted to add to the authenticity of the flower.

Measuring 15 x 20 x 32cm in total, with a flower head approximately 15cm square, this exquisite piece is sure to add a touch of elegance to any space. Whether for weddings, special events, or simply as a lasting floral arrangement for the home, this Crepe Paper Hydrangea would be a stunning choice.

Crepe Paper Hydrangea


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