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Chantal's Individually Hand Decorated Mugs

I freely admit to being a mug snob!

To that end, I spent a long time searching for the perfect mugs for myself and to give my friends and family as gifts.   This page is written so you don’t have to spend hours surfing the internet to understand the different mug options I have available, so you can find the perfect mug as a gift, or to enjoy your perfect cuppa in. 

Bone China mugsThese are a good size (12 fluid ounces) with no lip at the top and not so fine that you are worried to hold them. Personally I feel that drinks taste better when drunk from Bone China but I know that not everyone feels that way.

Bone China mugs are great for the person who enjoys the fine things in life and not so ideal for young children! 

Ceramic MugsPremium quality white gloss mugs, also 12 fl. oz. size.  These are very versatile for a wide range of designs and motifs. 

The Ceramic mugs Chantal’s use are high quality, but durable, great family every-day mugs. 

Satin MugsSlightly smaller fine ceramic mugs at 11 fl. oz. capacity, with a lovely satin exterior finish and a white interior. These are currently available in both white and black. I am looking forward to introducing more colours soon.

These are perfect for the person who wants their mugs to be a little different, not the same as every other person has. 

Enamel Mugs: With everyone becoming more aware of the environment, I have sourced some enamel mugs. They are so useful for all occasions, I always pop one into my bag when heading to events or meetings. I also use them in the garden – no danger of breakage!  I created a set for our family, including all the grandchildren on a recent camping trip, they loved them and meant each grandchild could take care of their own mug. 

Enamel mugs are perfect for camping, glamping, travelling and work great for young children in the home who really want to “be grown up” and drink out of their own mug, but maybe aren’t quite ready for a ceramic mug. 

How is the design put on the mug?

Every mug I decorate is individually created. I use two processes to turn plain mugs into custom made gifts, sublimation and laser toner transfer. 

Now… the technical bit… 

What is sublimation? 

 The design is printed in reverse onto special paper (a coated heat-resistant transfer paper) using a special ink (well actually dye particles suspended in a liquid solvent like water). The printed paper is then wrapped round a mug which has been specially coated, secured with heat resistant tape and heated in a mug press at a temperature of 180C for a period of 3 minutes. During the heat pressing process the dye particles change from solid to a gas, without going through a liquid state and are absorbed into the special coating on the mug (the magic process of sublimation). The paper is removed from the mug and it is set aside to cool and this is when the design sets permanently.  Sublimation inks (or dyes) are transparent, so can only be used on white mugs.

How does the Laser toner transfer system work? 

I have a special laser printer that has 4 print colours. Yellow, Magenta, Cyan and White. The design is printed onto special paper using the 3 normal colours finishing with a layer of white. Like sublimation, the design is mirrored before printing and the paper is cut and wrapped round the mug and secured with special heat proof tape. The mug is then placed in the mug heat press, with a silicone mat wrap, at a temperature of 150C for 3 minutes and then allowed to cool completely before the paper is removed revealing the finished design. This technique is perfect for coloured mugs.

This process also allows me to foil small areas of the design – who doesn’t love a bit of bling?


Taking care of your mugs... 

I strongly recommend hand washing your beautiful mugs because dishwashers and, more importantly, detergents can cause the design to fade over time. Any mugs with a foiled design and the enamel mugs are definitely hand wash only!

Can I have my own photo or design put on a mug?


I can put anything on a mug, from your child’s drawing to special photographs, from your business logo to your own drawing or painting.

All I need is to be emailed a high definition (300 dpi) photograph in either jpg or png format – All commissions will receive a mock-up of the finished design for approval before I make it.

Do I need to order lots of custom design mugs?


Anything from 1 – 100. I specialise in “smallsale” rather than “wholesale”, no small business needs 500+ cheap and nasty mugs that hang around and take up space! I offer discounts for quantity if you order more than 10 and if you find you need more, then just contact me.


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