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Chantal's Cards - More Than Mere Cards.

Why won't you find my cards for sale in the High Street  for just a couple of pounds...?

These are not just any cards, they are custom handmade exclusive gifts.

My cards are all handmade with care and great attention to detail.

Each layer and part of the design is cut from card or paper of varying finishes, colours and thicknesses (and sometimes speciality vinyl).

Each element is carefully positioned then adhered  to form these beautiful keepsake cards.

The cards you send as gifts will be treasured for a long time, not get shoved into the recycling bin the week after the special occasion! The designs are often detailed and intricate and can contain over 45 individual elements in once single creation!

The space for you to write your own message is usually on the back of the card, so the lucky person receiving it may display their card for as long as they wish. Our customers tell us that some people have their cards on display over a year after they've received them! 


Beautifully designed intricate 3D designs whch can be sent in the post!

All my cards fold flat(ish) for delivery or posting and each comes with its own custom handmade envelope.

There is no mass production here at Chantal's, so you can be confident that your money is being spent in a UK business that does not get involved in sweat shops or child labour in third world countries!! 

At Chantal's the love and passion for hand crafted beautiful, individual, unusual greetings cards is evident in everything I make.

 Many of the designs may also be personalised, adding that extra special touch.  What better way to show someone just how much they mean to you?


My flower cards make an ideal alternative to real flowers if, perhaps, the recipient is in hospital, a nursing home, has hayfever or just doesn't like cut flowers in the home. Many people are also becoming more aware of the environmental impact of imported cut flowers; the water, fertilisers, resources and energy used to grow and transport cut flowers costs us more than we, at first, think! 

The images on this page are my very latest card creations, please click the link to be taken to see the entire handcrafted card range including foiled cards, eclipse cards, box cards and easel cards or click on the link below each photo to go straight to that particular card.

African Violets in a Tea Cup
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Pansies 3D Box Card
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Tulips 3D Box Card

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Beer Bottles 3D Box Card
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Tractor 3D Card
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Rocking Horse 3D Keepsake Card
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There's Always Time for Tea  3D Box Card
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Golf Buggy 3D Box Card
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Cherry Blossom 3D Box Card

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Racing Cars 3D Box Card
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Grandfather Clock 3D Box Card
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Tulips with a Picket Fence  3D Box Card

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